Online Minigames

Well… It would be good idea but maybe classes to add so to enchance minigames what are you think?
And when i mean classes like scout,assault or idk anyways i really wish that :smiley:

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After weapons rebalance this will be good. Now it is not.


classes is a very very genius and good ideas for minigames in CIU

i agree with you

i have forks weapon

Except it won’t be. It’ll be a contest between Lightning Fryer (instant damage, homing beams) and Utensil Poker (high damage, spread).

I’ve no idea how this sort of stuff is even supposed to work considering how the game is designed.


I kinda agree with you

But there are like alot of ways to make it work.

…For example?
How would the maps be designed?
How would player movement be restricted?
Cause in CTF, for example, I could just increase my DPI to some insane amount, quickly grab the flag and bring it to base. So some sort of restrictions are necessary.

This game is simply not designed for any form of PvP.

Zoomed out
Only weapons that can spread which means that if someone will shoot on u then u must dodge it and shoot on him
One team will face left and other team will face right
In capture the flag you are right i didnt think on it before

Problem is players can come extremalay close to each other and shoot, and weapons like the orange laser can just kill instantly. It’s not a pvp game!

Yeah because of that there are two areas for one team and players cant go to the other team’s area

Yeah,but that doesn’t change a thing with instant-hit weapons,lol

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Still, insta hit weapons like lightning fryer and most others, just kill immediatly, there is no dodging

Riddler would be nice with this

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Players will have hp and when they hit a bullet of a player from the other team their hp will go down and if they wont get hurt for a while their hp will go up and u can also forget about one hit kill weapons because they wont work and if i was interaction studios and i would create those minigames i wouldnt put the one hit kill weapons

…except that they won’t get to heal,at all,considering that they’d constantly get hit by the instant-hit weapons(even if they aren’t instant-kill)


Thats a new game and needs lots of work, that will change theme of game

I don’t think it’s a good idea when our Heroes fighting each other. Instead let’s go on a chicken hunt competition. I have this PvP idea of mine made a long time ago Player(s) vs. Player(s) idea