One Galactic Cup prize per person?

I don’t think it’s fair if you compete with a user with 1000+ hours of gameplay than you and will clearly win a cup most of the time. It’s happened twice for a guy in the chicken invaders universe server. If I can’t be on my pc all day if I have work, studies and relationships to deal with, maybe this would be a just system.

Or at least make a user being able to obtain one galactic cup trophy per year?

At least to give other players who are a bit more unexperienced a chance. lol

Not “a user”. They compete for the cup, and better one wins

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what’s the point of a trophy for displaying your skill if everyone gets to have it eventually without working for it? I’m perfectly fine In knowing I’ll never get one because I don’t have the skill for it.

Doesn’t mean I won’t try, but still.

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