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When the Full version ?

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When everybody will read all IA posts.


When it’s done


I think it is from July to December and the day is from the 15th

February 2033

Technically that is in the past, because in the game we are in april 1 2119.

31st April 2019

I need a calculator version…:rofl:

What do you mean?

It just a joke.

Need to release quickly

It can’t be release quickly. A lot of content will be added and some bug need fix. It will take long time

Oh, hmm, I think April 12, 2019

What the fact ? I don’t like troll

Everyone in here doesn’t know when it release. So, someone ask when it release everyone will be reply “when it’s done” or “some troll time”

…Eſpecially ſince a lot of the newer folk on the forum appear to have failed to read the plan updates.