Older version of CI3 and CI4

CI3 and CI4 used to be in 4:3 resolution (like on the image), but now it only has 16:9 version available officialy.
So I wonder if @InterAction_studios could provide that old version on “Legacy” protected download page, since I have an 4:3 monitor and I want to play the version where U.C.O. wasn’t nerfed on CI3.
Also because CI2 even have an old version on “legacy” protected download page, so why not.
Unsupported doesn’t matter.

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You can change the resolution back to 1024x768 or below to fit your monitor.

I’m not stupid.
Changing the resolution only stretch the ratio because CI3 and CI4 current native ratio is 16:9.
And CI3 used to have 4 rows of chickens.

…Isn’t there have a “Letterbox” option? Turn it off.

I know. Sorry if it’s too hard to understand.
What did I mean it’s the version of CI3 and CI4 which uses the native 4:3 ratio, not the current native 16:9 ratio.
The current version of CI3 uses native 16:9 ratio, so even if you turned off letterbox, the layout of chicken doesn’t change to how it used to be (3 rows of chicken in 16:9 compared to 4 rows of chicken in 4:3)

Based on snapshots, yes, this is the very first version of CI3 I can find, which added on Nov 19, 2006.
I suppose this version must have what you wanted, since at that time 16:9 isn’t a thing yet.

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The original version was added after 2 versions of CI3 xmas, so I won’t count that as “very first on CI3 series”.
I’m not sure if iA still had that version on his local save, since it needs to be updated and older version (just guess) will be overwritten.

If this were to be added then it would be the latest non-HD versions (3.79 and 4.17?), not the oldest versions that ever existed

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I suppose this could be done. Do you have a IA website account, though? (i.e., an authorization code for Protected Downloads | InterAction studios ) That’s the only way you’ll be able to access them.


Thanks for responding. I already have my account to your website, but can I DM you for more information?


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@InterAction_studios I have sent to you a direct message on this forum 2 hours ago. Could you please check it?

He’s probably sleeping (or napping). He will answer you soon.

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