Old weapon ideea

so last day I make a run of CI2 wich brings me to the title of the post!
Actually 3 year ago my first post on this forum was about that !!
my favorite weapon is?.. yes the good OLD neutron gun :heart_eyes:…and actually I would like to see evan an older version of the ion blaster…
and now 3 years latter and a brand new game …my question: is gonna to happen?..an old weapon? at least the neutron gun :heart_eyes:
and with the old ion blaster I have and ideea…how about make it like the moron weapon :slight_smile: the starting weapon into 120’ aniversary!!


bring back the ci1 ion blaster with the exact same damage values (1 damage per bullet)


imagine how long would it take to kill a big chicken on 0%

about 12 minutes if all the bullets hit

so @InterAction_studios and official position please!?..as I said my first posg 3 year’s ago…as I said than ''wishes for the new game" …and yes it is a wish an official position just to know if it will remain just a wish or a future reality!!

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