Old post my ideas from about of buff bosses

welp my ideas old reply this on the buffs.

So this is new bosses are buffed Thundercluck,Dr.Beaker and Burgermeister now boss are tough wisely updated super boss rush.

  • Thundercluck Boss - Health Boss Increased from 50% & Guitar Laser 0 delay attack or 20% spin guitar speed.
  • Dr.Beaker - Health Boss Increased from 50%, Beaker Glass throw projectile increased 30% speed and added terminator chickens like yolk star or moved into player.
  • Burgermeister - Health Boss Increased from 50% or 3 shot spread in a row chicken suck projectile.

guys. So this is not real version on CIU or fan fiction only!

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A-looks like your not playing SSH.
B-we got double teams.
C-are you gonna make us rage quit???

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not a double teams. or more add exclusive challenge otherwise 140% - 140% similar like SSH in v10 early access boss buff


new buff bossess the burgermeister chicken suck 3 bullets projectile spread update edit.

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