Old CI2 music

I think u really should add the good old CI2 music. The new one kinda sucks ( in my opinion).

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It’s in the CI2 on the Steam though. Why would you ruin it by adding it to the CIU?

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idk i kinda wanted it in the CIU but its ok if they dont add it.

Um, how exactly?

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Very easy. CI2 song is a masterpiece and CIU is a not so good game.

I would say “not yet”, there’s a lot thing to do

I’m pretty sure that at least some of that music is under independent copyright, which would be why it hasn’t been added.

If it was copyrighted then it wouldn’t be present in CI2 today.
I assume iA hasn’t added it in because it doesn’t really fit in with the other orchestral soundtracks (though I think it could be at least buyable).


So they only removed it from CI2 remaster because it didn’t match the other episodes?

Ci2 remastered does let you choose the OG soundtrack. The latest version does, at least.

But only on Steam from what I remember.

EDIT: Yeah

Oh. Weird

What the CI2 song have to do with the CIU as a game? Are you comparing song to a whole game?

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