Ok how do i stop being a piece of shit at galactic cup

best ive done was semi finals

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have skill, that’s about it

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skill issue

Just quit it

Issue skill

Press Alt + F4

It’s called tryharding, and ofc skill is required.
Here are some things you can do to increase your chances:

  • Don’t die or overheat your weapon, ever.
  • Don’t equip or use any satellites at the beginning or later in the mission.
  • Don’t use special weapons.
  • c l e a n s w e e p, and kill whatever you see on screen, don’t let anything fall or go by, like falling ufos or balloon chickens.
  • Destroy barriers cuz they give a lot of points.
  • Use worse weapons more often (gives an extra score percentage at the end of the mission).
  • Collect as much drops as possible, including food, coins and weapons (maybe give some thought when you get another weapon drop, for instance you have a vulcan chaingun in a comet chase mission, you wouldn’t want to replace it, no other weapon works as well in that mission).
  • Attempt to get 20 fp (for the extra 100k points).
  • Try to get pecking orders whenever possible.

Basically aim for more medals, I believe they’re key when it comes to competitive missions.
However, what I listed above is the way I play the game, and it may not be suitable for everyone, rn I’m at 2/6 knockout phase and I never got any further, and always 1st to 3rd place in group matches, it also highly depends on who you’re playing against, so don’t take it for granted.


speaking of the cup, it’s nice that you have to work through the group phase every day for two entire weeks just to get a single chance at the knockout rounds


Group phase isn’t rly hard at all, just treat it like your normal daily mission

No, no one said it’s hard, it’s tedious.

If anything, you should be spamming coolants because they’re absolutely busted.

Also disagree, bird-flu is of huge help during chicken invasions. There is actually no reason not to equip satellites, you only lose the medals if you use them, so why not have them to be safe?(talking about the no satellite medals. Unpreparedness is lost if you equip satellites at the beginning, but getting them mid-mission and using them won’t affect this one)

Bring amps and use if necessary. Phaseouts might also be of use if you think you might encounter comet chase.
Also I see no mentions of trying to maintain the best possible multikill which is arguably more important than even clean sweep or pecking order, and it’s present in far more waves.
Using worse weapons also isn’t always a good idea. Sometimes it is, but it really depends on the situation. If you get UFO chicken onslaught wave, then nothing but positron will save you unless you use satellites which you really should be bringing. And chances are that you won’t have positron if you pick up all gifts.


I’m pretty sure there was a medal for simply equipping satellites, I better not be forgetting something…
Also, I think it’s highly unlikely to get a more abnormal wave in comp missions like armored chicken fractals or chickenaut slice of pie, as for comet chase all you’ll ever need is a vulcan chaingun.
And yea it’s a good idea to keep special weapons equipped in case of emergencies, since it only disables the ‘either brave or stupid’ medal (only when not used), which no one would bother to get, cuz… you’ll always need extra lives.
I still disagree with spamming coolant canisters tho, unless you’re playing supernova debris or some certain waves like bring down the curtains or high speed chase at harder difficulties, or you want to save some time.
Again, what I mentioned is the way I play the game, it’s not meant for everyone, but it works fine for me

You are. There is only medal for not equipping anything at all in satellite and mission slots. And if you’re doing this in cup missions, well that’s just suicide. You’re bound to die early and fail at some point.

Yeah…I got chicken ufo onslaught yesterday. Positron dealt with it easily, I switched to lightning in the middle of the wave and it instantly required me to use bird-flu because it couldn’t handle all the enemies.

What? That medal is for not picking power-ups.

It helps a ton with maintaining a multikill and getting those waves in a 8x8 mission is not unlikely at all. It really helps if you’re stuck with weapons like laser cannon that otherwise overheat too quickly.

sry I meant the medal of extreme unpreparedness…
More importantly tho, it’s better to play the way u think works best, I think it depends on how many hours spent into the game, as the player gains skill and comes up with strategies against each wave or boss.

Yeah, but if you want to get higher up in the cup like this guy does, you’ve got to find the meta strats.


ig ill try using icbms or bird flu
the clean sweep and order parts should be easy, the real trick is not dying

Would recommend bird-flu over ICBM.

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The only reason I don’t play cup is because it requires you to play everyday.

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i play for the first days then “bruh this boring” then play another games


Yeah, this is one of the reasons why unpreparedness imo isn’t worth it.
Others being, well, 1 life only. There are many missions along the way, no way you won’t fail at least once
Another reason is supernova requires pre-amping and comet chase requires pre-phaseout both on wave 1, so by default, any hybrid missions and these mission types must be played with equipment. I also still think bird-flus come in handy, especially during bubble waves where you can get multikill much more easily, but perhaps that’s just me. I don’t want to keep goijg, but yeah, I don’t think unpreparedness is worth it no matter how skilled you are simply due to meta strats.
Speaking of hybrids, I really think that aside from the fact cups should seriously be shorter, I also feel like hybrid missions should show included mission types. It’s hard to prepare when you have no clue what you’re preparing for, and specific mission types have drastically different strats and required equipment. IA, could this please be a thing?

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