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I bought Chicken Invaders through steam, but every time I try to play the games it opens the steam client. Is there a way to play these games offline or I always need internet and be connected to steam for them to work?

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Have you tried offline mode on Steam?

I haven’t tried that, will check it. But also why is it possible to play them only through the client if you bought them on steam? Is it to avoid having the game files redistributed on shady websites for illegal downloads, or what reason?

That’s because it’s actually a DRM. If you buy it on digital platform then you must use it to play the game. There are some great exceptions to that that value customers (like GOG), but with Steam it was always like that. Some of the games there can be bypassed even by creating a shortcut to the folder, but CI doesn’t work like that (I just checked with CI5).

Pretty much, but it’s important to keep in mind that Steam DRM is barely an inconvenience to crack. Some of the games use more DRMs including the famous Denuvo.

Also, there is another reason. When you buy the game from Steam, you don’t own the game. You just acquired license to play it for unspecified amount of time. It’s like borrowing it. I highly recommend looking at DRM-free whenever it is possible (and also not horrendously more expensive)


Thank you very much for the reply!


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