Off topic --- some minor updates for the francise

Hello guys we all still waiting for the new game and perssonally what I do in these days… I play a lot all the games in the francise…so i think that that some games could be better with some minor future updates. Of course if that could be possibile!

so let’s start!!!

1- mission overview screen from cluck of the dark side… it’s nice to see your progress your accomplishments…i miss that screen when i play the UO and ROTY
2-for ROTY the weapons rush as an Unlockable
3-TNW- some unlockables…the visual things points damage progress distractions indicators

What do you think InterActionStudios ?

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I don’t think the old episodes should be altered this drastically years after the official release. Also, if Utensil Poker were to be added to TNW, the gift would have to award 7000 points, otherwise the gift point progression would be broken.


At the end of the day all the games in the fracise are diffrent and unique! but some minor updates doesn’t make the games worst!

Yeah, but I wouldn’t call adding a weapon, medals, etc. minor.