Nu pagadi wave

Over a year without making a topic. woah.
Today a new wave.

First of all, it needs some kind of new object/enemy. It needs to be invincible to spaceship attacks. It doesn’t require anything special. I just used the claw and laser part from crab boss and turned the LEDs off a delivery droid. The important parts are the claws that it uses to grab the chickens and the pipe from which it will drop the part that you’ll see later.

After grabbing 2 chickens it “poops out” a cage with those 2 chickens. Player can destroy them now, because they are no longer in bubbles.

The claw machine moves to another 2 chickens to repeat the process.

It keeps doing so in the line until all chickens are processed and the droid flies away from the screen.

It’s supposed to be a short wave so the machine shouldn’t move too slowly. The chickens can also vary depending on the difficulty.


Do you want this wave added?
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  • Yes, but…
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Inspiration for the wave



Yes, but the chances for this wave to be implemented are quite low because this includes the new claw enemy that wouldn’t be used anywhere else otherwise (yet we have the Amazing Maize…). And the wave name might be better with “just you wait!” instead, or something like that.

Maybe replace the claw with something that obscures the transformation, like a little wormhole?


The enemy is more a mashup of few things so it shouldn’t be impossible to add with existing assets (unless they’re not reusable in which case… welp)

Sure. I guess I just named it for Polish translation.

How about that?

I’d really like the claw to remain. But if it’s not possible to use the claw from crab boss then I guess it can just be a single wormhole. Still, it wouldn’t have the same fun value.

Positron stream and plasma rifle can literally break the mechanism of this wave


He is right tho

i really love this idea but what “Nu pagadi” word means?

some special weapons can too like mine

Nu, pogodi! (“Ну, погоди!”) is a soviet cartoon about the wolf that tries his best to catch the bunny. Every episode of it tends to end with this phrase that roughly translates to “Well, just you wait!”, showing his intention on taking the revenge on the bunny that has escaped again. This wave idea is based on one of the episodes from that show.


Cool !!

That’s a good point. When thinking about this wave I had another idea that the spaceship is locked with invincible barrier that will disappear when all chickens are caged, but decided that it’s too much waiting when the player can already shoot at the bottom right line pretty much straight away. So the use of bubbles instead.

Other than that barrier I have no idea how to fix that problem.

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Even if there were invincible barriers plasma rifle and absolver beam still can break the mechanism of this wave

Also even if IA can fix the bugs that can happen from this wave that will cost alot of time and effort

To add to that also this requires new assets and if IA used the available assets to make the grabber it won’t look that good

Although the idea of this wave is great still some negative points prevent this wave to be added

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