NPC: Henry's Clothing Market (Chicken Skin Merchant)

Stop what? We haven’t posted anythings in that 4 weeks. (So this mean a bump)

You talking about your topic? This is not a place to talk about another topic.

Uh! You don’t accept your idea is not good and won’t added.
And please don’t say that you and me live in same country to I stop it.

You don’t understand emoji spam? Means repeating an emoji for many times that count as spam.

no it isn’t

So what? Emoji spams is made with using lot of emoji.

There isn’t any rule against it. It’s discouraged, yeah, but it isn’t a crime lmao

If it bothers you, quietly click the flag button

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That isn’t worthy of a flag still

Eh, for some people it is


Rules are not subjective

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The hell happend here?

Average forum overreaction to some idea that won’t be implemented anyway

It might change through comradeship and labour

No my friend! I do not think so

This is gonna be the HUGE update when add to the game

3 month bump but yes

i dont remember being the first to reply

Now when is this idea going to reach the manufacturer ???

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if by manufacturer you mean Interaction stadium then not too soon


no! InterAction studios!

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I say that if it comes to the game, add new things in the later update.

See if these are to make a favorite character in Bass Fight and Wave Chickens?