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(don’t mind the title)My question is how to change the exhaust to another area but it still work?(if you don’t get it then look at this freaking picture at the reply)

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If you mean flames placement, it depends on aircraft model: M400 and M404 have one flame, M408 has two.


In general you should buy all the space ships in the store to try

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We should be able to customize that IMO. It would be cool if we could choose how many engines we have, regardless of ship model we use.


IMO we could design our exhaust as we will :sunglasses:


IF @InterAction_studios agrees.

Actually, I’m kinda against it. We had, for a short while, some sort of equipment indication on our ships, namely engines. I think that while more customization options should be included, options should be restricted by equipment, as in higher-tier equipment should give more options for customization. There could also potentially be a class of engines, like Double-Thruster Electrostatic Ion Thruster, Quad-Thruster Electrostatic Ion Thruster, etc. There’s practically no way to flex in CIU, you know, and this might help.


I also agree with you @Enhawk .

I’d argue that having a massive fleet full of legendaries is enough in that regard. I like being able to customize without having it arbitrarily connected to my equipment.

Again, a massive problem, in my opinion, with CIU right now is that early game is practically the same as late game. The only thing that makes you have more stuff is key grinding, and there’s practically no reason any player would want to level up or get better equipment.

Well, the best equipment doesn’t take much effort and practically does nothing gameplay-wise, so atleast the game should be intencivizing players to get them at the very least.


I agree with this, but engines should cost keys and when you buy a spacecraft they should have their engines already mounted (new engines that have nothing to do with your other engines). I know that exhausts exist (I don’t know if they were removed), they could be those engines.

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Like button exists for that

There should be some sort of incentive, for sure, but I just don’t like the idea of tying cosmetic incentives to non-cosmetic items.

Ah, so let us take a trip down the memory lane to the very early days, where each engine had a different exhaust. It was cool, and while I’m always for more customization, sometimes it can end up devaluing existing content. Exhaust customization was a prime example of this. Once, getting a new engine was really a fun experience, with a completely new exhaust. When customization for that was introduced, instead of having to go through the effort of buying a new engine, you just had to grind half a hundred keys. Again, it would make a lot more sense if we had double, triple or quadruple variants of each engine that consume slightly more reactor power and are that tiny bit more efficient, it would provide an actual benefit apart from being cool. Also it should only be available in regional stores, methinks.

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