Not so flavour text (Artifacts: Space Race)

If you ever read the flavour text in the space races, you will know that a powerful artifact has been detected by both forces, and that you need to beat the Henpire to it. This is just flavour text, but what if artifacts were actually a thing? By that I mean that the winner of the space race will get an artifact to boost his performance, until the next winner.
This could be a substitute to the key reward or could go hand-in-hand with it.
Boost key drop rate by 50%;
Reduce enemy healt (non-boss) by 10%;
Reduce enemy projectile speed by 15%;
Boost damage by 5%.


The 2nd and 3rd players should also get an artifact which has comparatively less powerful bonuses. Most video games have silver and bronze prizes as well, why make it exclusive to the single winner, the runner ups have also worked quite hard to get their place as well. And here are some more examples of effects that the artifacts could give the player:

  1. Increase overheat time by 20%
  2. Increase spaceship speed by 35% (for spaceships slower than M-400 or H&C series only.)
  3. Increase satellite capacity by 20% (ICBM gets one more rocket)
  4. 3 Shields, one per mission. Shield can survive one hit and an invunerable period similar to the one after a player dies is triggered.

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