Not on the leader board

Why am i not on the leader board? 3rd mission.


Did you get disqualified?

ok thats actually strange

those aren’t comp missions

Whoops, I thought players could get disqualified by the Unoriginality Penalty.

Actually, I’m stupid.

none of them had unoriginality penalty either

Ok, this is indeed very strange.

The same thing just happened to me a couple minutes ago lol, i was playing a boss rush mission and i got more than 12M points but i didn’t see myself in the leaderboard, iA r u kidding me :skull::skull::skull:

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No. No warning. Or popups. I didnt disconnect too may times or a single time, just one time mission (both).

See Top ten? - #15 by InterAction_studios

Multiplayer missions are not eligible for top-10. Check your settings and let me know.


but iA, I didn’t play this mission with multiplayer mode on. (but i played alot of multiplayer missions before that mission, maybe that’s why i got disqualified?)

Oh, i guess thats the reason :slight_smile: i didnt knew

R u sure that u r not playing that mission with Multiplayer mode? What if it was Private mode (a part of multiplayer but with password)?