No Early Access update this week


FYI, there won’t be an update to CIU over the weekend of 9-10 March 2019.

The reason is that Apple decided to deprecate all existing IA games on the Mac Store, and CIU development has been suspended until this particular emergency can be resolved.


CIU Development has suspended

Bad Apple


I think CIU development team has some conflict


I’m still waiting 2 weeks with some boring


This isn’t the first time that apple blocks the developement of universe
In one of the plain updates was said that the developement was interrupted due to the imminent removal of all games without a specific resolution (old games)


We alwais supported you
And now we will wait


Can you provide some more detailed info about why they did that?


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“Hang in there!”


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Apple know about the CIU development and do it on purpose.


I’ve been always neutral to Apple in the sense I don’t give a damn what they do.

Now I’m leaning to hate them.


I’ve been waiting so long for a new chicken invaders. I will wait as much as it’s needed.


Well, shoot.

Well, good luck trying to solve the issue. You have my support. :wink:



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yeah, it is.


Everyone, grab your neutron guns. It’s time to get to the core of this.


Shoot The Bad Apple


Ok, work on Apple has been completed and we can resume CIU development next week.

Also, next weekend we’ll be moving the IA website to another provider. The forum and the CIU servers should not be affected by this move. More when the time comes.

@qbus371: The reason was that the game was “non-public” APIs (actually the fault of SDL 1.2). We’ve upgraded to SDL 2.0 and that seems to have fixed the issue.