No adventure

Is there really going to be no story version made or added to this game?

i dont think so

Anything important must be mentioned twice:

CIU is a spin-off. Listen again: CIU is a spin-off

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Do I also need to mention it many times: SOMETHING BEING A SPIN-OFF DOESN"T MEAN IT CAN"T HAVE A STORY


Do I also need to send a mailbox back to you and ask you that: DOES IT HAVE ANY CONNECTION TO ANY TIMELINE FROM CI SERIES?

Not as many if we had a story mode campaign but yes, there are some clues.

Behold for idk how many times my “CIU is a training simulator for UHF recruits”

  1. Why is it set exactly 100 years in the future? It’s way more likely it was an artificial date chosen by some higher ups just to have it.
  2. IA confirmed that some of the visual effects (light flare lens, or something like that) are because of camera view. (that would also mean that CI episodes qualify for that, but that doesn’t really matter)
  3. Usage of existing bosses. UHF would have a data of the bosses that were defeated by the episodes hero. They could then use it to train new recruits. (but you can also go the boring way and claim “it’s just a spin-off and it doesn’t mean anything”)

Another point that doesn’t exactly matter for the theory above: CIU is for sure set at least after CI4 because of wormhole traveling.


Though in CI3 the hero was thrown at the other side of galaxy due to black hole/wormhole. It may have already been a thing back then. Not to mention that it’s pretty possible that episodes come one after another without any significant time between, as the hero always complains that he hadn’t eaten still.


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