New weapons using cursor

My weapon ideas are for keyboard players, as it requires the cursor for targetting.

To fire, you have to click on a point on the screen to anchor down a crosshair, where powerful rockets will be shot (controlled by player with spacebar or whatever button they shoot with). You can move the crosshair while the rockets are being shot, and the rockets shall turn that way.

Another idea: Drone
A drone is a mini fighter that comes out of the main spaceship. It uses spikes to destroy chickens, and is controlled by the player with the cursor. Each drone will have a lifespan according to the amount of objects contacted. If a powerup is picked up, the drone will adjust itself to the power level but will stay in one place for a small amount of time. If it contacts the player, both the drone and the spaceship blows up. If the player dies, the drone will anchor down to it’s current location, and could be reactivated with the player ship contacting it. Multiple drones can exist at the same time.

Let me know if it is a good idea and how to improve it.


The problem with this is that it should work with all control methods, not just the keyboard.


True, but I have no idea how it will work with mouse ship control players, or on mobile phones (probably a two-finger system). I can imagine it with a controller though.

Maybe we’ll be able to use a controller with bluetooth

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