New weapons: Shredder/Calamity

Ive got 2 new weapon prototypes - Shredder/Calamity
Lets cover up shredder up first.

Description: 3 small sized saws made out of extremely strong material at an high velocity; Not only the shredder causes
catastrophic damage, it is also unique due to the saws ability to bounce back 2 times before disappearing.

Weapon name: Shredder
Weapon type: Saw thrower
Damage: Slightly more than Neutron gun; 2700 at 20 energy
Like the description, the shredder fires 3 small sized saws at an high velocity, also being able to bounce 2 times.
Overheating: Slightly less than boron railgun
Gift appearance: Black and red

Strategy/usage: Because of the bouncing ability, the weapon can be a good crowd controller. However, take note that 2700
damage is caused ONLY when all 3 saws hit the target, which means: If 1 saw were to hit the target, it will only deal 900
damage, while if 2 saws were to hit it would deal 1800 damage.
Sorry, no actual picture; i suck at editing.

Description: Fires poisonous bullets at an high rate, giving the enemy a big damage over time.
Weapon name: Calamity
Weapon type: Chemical
Damage: Very chubby damage; 25 from 0 to 20 firepower, but the huge damage over time makes up for it
Overheating: after 9 seconds of firing without stopping
Gift appearance: Dark red, Green

Strategy/usage: This weapons relies completely on it’s damage over time. At 10 firepower its 2200hp/3sec, while at 20 its
3100hp/2sec. This means Calamity is an excellent bosser. But theres one big flaw - the damage over time effect is activated
only at 10 firepower; meaning it’s useless if you have less than that.
Again, i don’t have an actual picture; you already know why.

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