New weapons and satellites

Rapid cannon
Fire a powerful cannon that deal powerful damage
on 10 it will fire faster
on 20 it will fire super faster (0.1 second)
Overheat: when autofire 20 cannon it will overheat. Manual fire will not overheat
Kinetic shotgun
Fire 3 low bullet from each side (2 second)
on 2 it will fire 1 medium 2 low bullet
on 3 it will fire 2 medium 1 low bullet
on 4 it will fire 3 medium bullet
on 5 it will fire 1 strong 2 medium bullet
on 6 it will fire 2 strong 1 medium bullet
on 7 it will fire 3 strong bullet
on 10 it will fire 5 strong bullet
on 20 from now on fire rapid 3 strong bullet at fast speed (0.5 second)
Overheat: when autofire 10 bullet it will Overheat. Manual fire will also the same
Shock gun
Fire a massive orb that deal powerful damage but it very slow reload. When hit chicken it fire 4 medium orbs from every direction, then again 4 low orbs and stopped.
on 1-10 it will fire blue orb
on 20 it will fire supercharged red orb
fire a massive cannon that deal SUPER POWERFUL damage(it is better than shooting rocket).The cannon so powerful that push your ship away(Newton’s law) and also shaking your screen.The Party Cannon look like Pinkie Pie’s cannon but it a lot bigger.Warning: Before shooting it beware of egg drop under your ship
Ammo: 2
Reload time: 5 second

Black Hole Emitter:
Create a black hole for 5 second that suck all chicken in the blackhole and kill them.
Ammo: 5
Reload time: 2 second
Rainbow Machine Gun
Fire a rainbow bullet that explode when hitting chicken.Any chicken nearby the explosion will killed.
Ammo: 30
Reload time: 0.5 second
Destructor Laser
Fire a Laser for 6 second that kill chicken nearby or in the middle of the laser.
Ammo: 3
Reload time: 6 second

So the rapid cannon weapon would overheat in two seconds with automatic fire? That’s very good.
We already have a shotgun weapon, and the delay you picked is awful.
The shock gun sounds decent, depending on the firerate.
The party cannon seems similar to an ICBM, but without the AoE effect.


I update again this time is better