New Weapons and Satellite

I) Satellite:

  1. Repeller (3 shot)
    A small burst of energy travels in a spiraling motion toward the top of the screen. Only 1 shot at a time. Can be shoot through enemy
  • Damage: 2500
  • Price: 650 key
  1. Bullet Shield
    Time Duration: 15sec
    A small energy orb rotates slow around the spaceship. But inflicts little damage.
  • Damage: 500 per hit
  • Price: 590 key
  1. Chicken Egg Eraser
  • Only 10 Shot
    The Chicken Egg Eraser is a unique weapon. Any Chicken Egg and bullets flying at the time are destroyed
  • Damage: 0
  • Price: 200 key
    II) Weapons
  1. Laser Cutter
  • Overheats: 10 sec
  • Speed: Slow
  • Acceleration: :heavy_check_mark:
  • Path: Straight Can be shoot through enemy
  • :zap:0 Damage 200: Fires a single laser upward.
  • :zap:1 Damage 250: increases little damage and size.
  • :zap:2 Damage 300: increases little damage and size.
  • :zap:3 Damage 350: increases little damage and size.
  • :zap:4 Damage 400: increases little damage and size.
  • :zap:5 Damage 500: increases little damage and size.
  • :zap:6 Damage 550x2: Two lasers are fired upward, at very close distances to the side of the spaceship. These lasers do not cause tremendous damage.
  • :zap:7 Damage 600x2
  • :zap:8 Damage 650x2
  • :zap:9 Damage 700x2
  • :zap:10 Damage 800x2
  • :zap:20 Damage 1300x2: Two very large lasers are fired a good distance apart from the spaceship, effectively creating a shield on either side. Damage increases and cuts various projectiles with ease.
  1. Laser Blade
  • This weapon produces a short blade of energy directly in front of the spaceship. Any enemy touched by the blade is damaged.
  • Speed: Instant
  • Overheat: 10.5 sec :zap:20: 9 sec
  • Acceleration: ✘
  • Path: Straight
  • :zap:0 Damage 325 per sec
  • :zap:1 Damage 350 per sec
  • :zap:2 Damage 400 per sec
  • :zap:3 Damage 500 per sec
  • :zap:4 Damage 600 per sec
  • :zap:5 Damage 750 per sec: The blade of energy increases slightly in the amount of damage it causes to enemies.
  • :zap:6 Damage 850 per sec
  • :zap:7 Damage 1000 per sec
  • :zap:9 Damage 1200 per sec
  • :zap:10 Damage 1500 per sec
  • :zap:20 Damage 2800 per sec: While its reach does not increase, the blade reaches its highest potential for damage against enemies and projectiles. Rather than one sword in front, this weapon creates two swords on either side of the spaceship.

Too similar to Laser Canon (by gameplay)

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The Chicken Egg Eraser satellite is just a better Barbequer.


but is no damage xD

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