New Weapon Suggestion: Kunai

I know that WBP’s still in progress, but still there’s that opportunity that others also post their own weapon ideas and you might say “already suggested” the time WBP’s finished and I posted this.

This weapon is inspired by the Space Ninja paint job in CI5 and there should be a fitting weapon for that. Here it is, the “Kunai (Placeholder name).”

Weapon stats

  • Price: Approximately 250 to 300 keys
  • Has Overdrive? Yes
  • Firing type: Manual to Automatic
  • Damage type: Metal (or Kinetic)
  • Gift color: Black with red ribbon
  • Base bullet damage: 350
  • Base speed: Approximately the same as Utensil Poker’s
  • Base firing interval: 0.2
  • Overheat time: 9 seconds

Weapon features

  • Firing direction pans at 5° left to right. It goes like center-left-center-right-…
  • Projectile speed increases with more FP.
    Having a greater projectile speed means higher damage received by enemies.
  • Speed at :zap:20 is doubled when it was at :zap:0. Projectile damage at :zap:20 quadruples when it was at :zap:0. This is the unique characteristic of the weapon also physics.
  • Firing interval gets narrower with more FP. Firing interval halves at :zap:20 when it was at :zap:0.
  • Projectile travels in a straight line and curves into the nearest enemy on path, same as Photon Swarm.
  • Projectile deals 100% damage on the first enemy hit, afterwards it will travel again in a straight line (no more curving this time) piercing more enemies, up to 3 more with decreasing damage.
  • Projectile has different sprites indicating damage reduction by number of enemies pierced.
    kunai 3

Damage data

Here’s the proposed damage value chart which is based on the weapon data spreadsheet. I took at least two hours to think of values and an hour to make this. For further inspection, I provided an excel file for you to see. Update: increased split multiplier to 50%.

Suggestions and objections are welcome and appreciated (most, if not all). I hope IA likes this idea.


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