New weapon suggested

I wonder to see the new weapon like this:
This weapon can kill a lot of chickens + BOSS BATTLE %100. It’s very easier to kill Chickens & Boss battle. If you are playing Hard mode, Don’t worry! You can use this weapon as you can kill him (VERY %100). BUT! I think it’s gonna be cost 1000 Keys to use this weapon. and here is the gift image:

I hope @InterAction_studios can accept this! :slight_smile:

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Not very original…?

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It’s like the new one! It’s very smaller. but it’s TOO POWERFUL

It’s just the Ion Blaster but overpowered.


Too overpowered. Weapons need to be balanced or everyone will use only one weapon.


The gift box can be used to give the first weapon in CIU…
(Forgot the name)

How to rebalance this: It’s overheat after each shot and take 10 second to be able to use again. It’s underpowered now I guess

Morron railgun? They will not add gift box for it because it’s too weak, just read a description of it in the game store.

You know… it’s not far from it at the moment…

People using mostly the same weapon I mean.

Well that still happens because many weapons need to be rebalanced, but we don’t need another weapon if it’s not unique in its way.

Yes I’m really like it

please interactions studio please Do that’s

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It’ll be better as a special weapon more than regular weapons.
What about 5s active time? Lol

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