New weapon (part 2: Final)

Blast Mortar:
Fire a yellow glowing bullet . When hitting chickens , it explode and spilt into five more bullets in different direction and explode when hitting another chicken . When hitting bosses , the bullet explode but doesn’t spilt into five more bullets but damage double.
At 1 , fire a small bullet
At 10 , fire a bigger bullet
At 20 , fire a supercharged red glowing bullet
-It’s very fast weapon (0,5 sec)
-This is the only weapon will never overheat (it’s good for gamers so they don’t have to press the mouse button over and over again)

-The damage very high (better than the Cannon weapon)
-Due to be the strongest weapon in the game, it cost 1000 keys to buy it


OP doesn’t mean it’s a good weapon.

Beſides, it ſeems an awful lot like EmeraldPlay’s Solar Blast.

It can always be rebalanced.

Not really? It doesn’t have a charging mechanic and doesn’t pass through enemies.

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