New Weapon Idea: Sharp Iron

This is my first weapon idea.
I don’t know if this idea has already been created, so write if you know something about it.
The weapon was created by buying iron from the remains of broken industrial robots, which turned into a powerful weapon.


The weapon consists of three nuts and three screws:

Starting with the weakest contribution:

  1. hex nut
    (1x150 DMG)

  2. big hex nut
    (1x200 DMG)

  3. wing nut
    (1x250 DMG)

  4. wood screws
    (1x350 DMG)

  5. self drilling nut
    (1x400 DMG)

  6. machine screws
    (1x450 DMG)

Weapon mechanics:

  • “Sharp Iron” acts as a spreader, i.e. when you have a fully loaded weapon, it starts to spill (fire)
    bullets that travel 1/4 slower than a corn shotgun and shoots at a 40* angle.

  • When you have a fully charged power bar, it will fire 20 rounds per second, then when it uses 20% of its power, it will fire 10% fewer rounds, etc. until it overheats.

Level of weapon:
LVL 0 - Hex nut (15 projectiles)
LVL 1 - Hex nut (16 projectiles)
LVL 2 - Hex nut + Big hex nut (16 projectiles)
LVL 3 - Big hex nut (17 projectiles)
LVL 4 - Big hex nut + Wing nut (17 projectiles)
LVL 5 - Wing nut (18 projectiles)
LVL 6 - Wing nut + Wood screws (18 projectiles)
LVL 7 - Wood screws (19 projectiles)
LVL 8 - Wood screws + Self drilling nut (19 projectiles)
LVL 9 - Self drilling nut (20 projectiles)
LVL 10 - Self drilling nut + Machine screws (20 projectiles)
LVL 20 :star: - Machine screws (20 projectiles)


This feels like the boron railgun but high dps is at low heat and act as an accumulator but as a weapon with a fire-rate falloff. Sounds interesting for IA to see


this can be a better version of riddler i think
how about making its gift, the appearance must be different from utensil poker


felt like i forgot something… thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

One thing to say about the idea. It could be hard to differentiate between it’s gift and the Utensil Poker’s while fighting. Could it be made better?

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Corn Shotgun, but you need an iron stomach.


I thought about it a bit and decided on a bluer metal

it’s a bit hard to picture something falling apart especially in space T_T but yes.

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very good.

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your spaceship will completely disintegrate when using this weapon lol

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