New Weapon Idea: Prismatic Death

I think everyone likes to look at rainbows in the sky. Well, in this case, it’s better not to look at it as a weapon, isn’t it…

Weapon function:

  • The weapon is fired through a prism, which fires a long laser beam and at the same time changes the angle of impact (similar to Utensil Poker)
  • The difference between this weapon and the Utensil Poker is the resetting of the firing angle.
    Just like with a fork, each position is different, with a prism, each shot starts from the narrowest angle of impact.
  • Light can pass through chickens

Damage varies between:

  • colors fired through a prism.
  • the power of light

Colors fired through a prism

Since a full gradient could blind players, I decided that the colors would change with a change of angle.
From narrowest angle (red) to widest angle (purple)
When the light beam is narrow, it deals 2x more damage than the widest beam

Attack insight

The power of light

With each level, the strength of the light increases along with the damage. e.g.
Light Power - (LP)
1 LVL (LP- 20%)- -10
10 LVL (LP- 70%)- -100
20 LVL (LP- 80%)- -120
(The same applies to the firing range distance)
And yes. The laser angle is responsible for the damage multiplier for (LP).
e.q 10 LVL (LP- 70%)- -100 x2= -200



That such a really good idea
Prsim” and “Rainbows” reminds me this :


Absolver beam but powerful

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Yes, when it’s on narrowest (or I should say straight), then the longer it fires the less damage when it’s on widest