New Weapon Idea:Fire Ray

The Weapon Is Just A Fire When You Reach The Firepower 8 It Turns Into Blue (Stronger Fire) At 10 It Makes To Normal Fire Rays (but stronger) From 14-18 Fire Power It Makes 3 Blue Fires I Hope It Will Be Cool. @interaction_studios please make this weapon plllleeeeaaaasssseee

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a lot of effort went into this


Did You Like It?

And that’s all the info you have? What’s the amount of damage it deals? What’s the fire rate? Does it heat fast? All of these are simply missing.

357+Damage Over Heats After 10 Secs (Its Fire) The fireRating Is 70 its long to shoot a far something but if it shoot a near metal so the fire will be shorter but when the metal brokes it becomes long cause it defends it in levels like morning rush hour and shoot the core it can delete enemy projectiles like barbequer and absolver beam i hope the information is cool

cool idea but ill make the damage
0 - 50
1 - 100
2 - 200
3 - 300
itll be too op if i let it more than 1 thousand so
4 - 350
5 - 400
6 - 450
7 - 500
8 - 550
9 - 600
10 - 700
20 (MAX) - 800
its not too weak like that its still strong and its range is very long so it can be useful in waves like morning rush hour
it overheats fast (5-10 seconds) and lastly the fire rating is high (50-80)

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Correct! Thank you so much!


Ya know, I had a VERY similar idea. But guess what? It wasn’t approved, because we already HAVE that weapon.
Ladies and germs, the Barbecuer.
VERY similar. ALMOST 800 damage, but not quite, near the funnel. For sale at your local Galactic Shop or Heroware, for only about 700 keys! Heeeey, now THAT’s a deal that the Henpire would STEAL.

I do support the implementation of another fire type weapon (let alone any weapon at ALL because I am BORED of the Absolver Beam), but can’t you just have fun with the BX bomber satellite loadout?

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