New weapon idea ( Circular ion )

This weapon looks like ion blast but it will used around the spacecraft with this weapon you can shoot left right forward backward and any direction

this photo idea is the weapon idea in level 8



I don’t know what this is, but I support the weapon design somewhat.

what would it look like if we used expander/condenser on it?

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Just imagine it became ion blaster but you can shoot from exhaust.

i wonder how useful it really is if only 1-3 bullets can actually hit things most of the time

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That would make comet chase like a joke
P/s: Wait, did I forget about Vulcan Chaingun?


Comet chase cry alot


Vulcan has maximum spread range around 180°, only expandable if you mount some expanders, but this weapon is the next level of making comet or meteor comes up from the bottom cries a lot.


If this is on level 8, what will it look like at MAX power.

Pulsating grid.

Cakewalk on Meteor Storm missions, Comet Chase missions, Asteroid waves, Pulsating Grid and Palpitating Grid waves.

Yess. Stop making me use missiles on that, CI!

Wouldnt that be a too op on a 2 weapon pods

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