New weapon group: Frost/Chilling

Credit to @Lumberjacck for suggesting this idea.

Snowflake Screamer - a new experimental weapon that the UHF has been testing on chickens…
This weapon rapidly fires snowflakes that spin and can damage several enemies at a time. Larger snowflakes can split into 6 fragments to deal mass damage. Snowflakes also freeze enemies instantly for a short time depending on typ of projectile and slow down or stop enemy projectiles.
Firerate: 8/s or 16/s overdriving.
There are 4 types of projectiles - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.
All projectiles will freeze the enemy on contact (Small: 2s, Med: 3s, Large: 5s, XL: 7s).
Frozen enemies will take 30% less damage, but when a Barbecuer flame comes in contact, the enemy will be destroyed or take hard damage.
Small projectiles can ricochet off certain enemies, like Armored Chickens or Chickenauts.
Medium projectiles can slow down eggs and other projectiles by chickens.
Large projectiles can split into 6 fragments that freeze enemies and deal half damage. They can slow down projectiles much better than medium.
X-Large projectiles freeze projectiles tear through bubbles and armor on enemies and bosses, and split into 12 fragments that can freeze projectiles.

Small projectiles deal 100 damage.
Medium projectiles deal 175 damage.
Large projectiles deal 250 damage.
X-Large projectiles deal 350 damage.

This weapon doesn’t overheat, but excessive firing will slow down your spacecraft and the weapon pods will freeze for 3 seconds, slowing down the projectile speed and firerate to 2/s, overdriving can’t fix it.

I’ll post the firing patterns later.


bing chilling :icecream:


This weapon should do fatal damage to chickens

oh no oh god oh no

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This isn’t usually this accurate.

This weapon is strong against enemies that are resistant to Fire weapons (ie. It Gets Cold In Space), and the following:
Chicks (all types)
Bossa Nova
Shoot the Core
Coward or Toxic chickens

This weapon is weak against the following:
Feather Brain
Mother-Hen Ship
Mysterious egg-ship
Egg Drone
Ice Golem (1% chance to regenerate 5% of it’s health when hit with a projectile)

This weapon has a 2% chance to freeze metal-type enemies instantly for 6 seconds.

No hate here, but these type of weapons will be rarely used by majority of or some players, because of those specifications you’ve mentioned in my opinion

Isn’t weapons balanced to deal the same amount

Should’ve been transparent

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