New Waves Suggestions: Cloudy Forecast/Rainbow In The Clouds

Cloudy Forecast: Cloud Shaped Chicken Formations that move leftwards or rightwards, off the screen and back in from the other side. Does not have to be only/exclusively Metal Suit Military Chickens. Picture is just to give an example, the clouds can look much better or be exactly like this. It can also have more clouds.

Rainbow in the Clouds: Variant 2 of Cloudy Forecast. Now has a rainbow formation of chickens, also following the colour spectrum of the rainbow. (Kinda like in Chicken Fractals)
This variant does not move, unlike Cloudy Forecast. Clouds do not have to only/exclusively use the Metal Suit Military Chickens. (There wasn’t an Orange and Indigo coloured chicken, so I left them out. Add them in if you want to make it look nicer.)
Once again: the clouds can look much better or be exactly like this. It can also have more clouds if the amount of empty space bugs you.

Both waves have a 200% Zoom.
Horribly Photoshopped with GIMP


I love rainbow


So many chickens… I love waves full of chechens

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lots of kikens

This is going to be so much intense when it comes to rainbow waves

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I think they’re overkill to potato PCs. But I like it.

Nice, rainbow chickens.

Nice, you can also use

Imagine if they got replaced with Chickenauts or Slobs :joy:

Like Chicken Rings, may they not have bubbles.


I didn’t put bubbles in it tho e.e


Added to v.52 :medal_sports: Idea


You can remove some chickens in the rainbow if you want. I know there’s a lot.
(It should still look like a rainbow though)


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