New waves ideas

Hello, here are the wave ideas I’ve thought of and I hope they can be interesting or minimally fun.

Chicken in disguise: This wave would use bandana chicks and assasin chicks, the amount of assasin chicks will depend on the difficulty.

Toxic attack: Toxic chickens would scour the screen from corner to corner, you can dodge or kill them but if you do that last be careful with their toxic cloud.

Chicken cannon: 2 cannons formed of indestructible barriers would appear on the sides and shoot chickens at full speed in all possible directions (they could also launch “Egg barriers” to co-fund the player), you can dodge the chickens or try to shoot them.

Obstacle race: It could be said that it would be the evolution of “The Weakest Link”, the obstacles would be formed of indestructible barriers and would move from top to bottom and then you must go through where it is empty, but be careful chickens will be trying to get you to pass in addition to that in some will have level 1 barriers which you must destroy in order to pass.

Against the clock: In this wave you must kill all the enemies before the second hand (line formed by 3 barriers) reaches where the minute hand is (line formed by 2 barriers), when you kill all the enemies the second hand will stop turning and the wave will stop .

Barriers rain: This wave is made up of 4 parts which are the following:

  1. In the box located on the left side it shows the type of barrier that will fall soon.

  2. The location where the player must be for the surge to work.

  3. The 2 equal lines of barriers that are on the sides would be invincible, when the line of barriers reaches where the purple line is they will fall faster so remember to avoid them.

  4. From above a line of barriers would fall which can be healthy barriers which you can destroy and make the job more simple or indestructible barriers which you must duck somewhere you fit, also once they reach the edge of the screen they will stay there limiting the space where you can move. Also these 2 lines can appear with enemies, if you kill the enemy that is accompanied by barriers with health these disappear but if an enemy is accompanied with indestructible barriers these unlike the others do not disappear when killing the enemy and will remain at the limit of the screen when falling.

(If you ask, this wave is an attempt at tetris reference, but I think it’s another variant of “The Weakest Link”)

Deliveries from other galaxies: The droids would come out of the black holes and move to one of the ones on the opposite side, the safe area is for the player to be in the middle and to avoid them in a better way.


What can I say? All the waves look epic, I like the clock the most, and the first wave reminds me of Find the Difference:
I may ask what program you used to create these waves?


It’s really good and funny! :heart_eyes:


The program I use is called gimp 2, I think it is quite easy to use and comfortable. Here is the link: GIMP - Downloads If you ask it is free.

Thanks for the comment!, what was the wave that you liked the most and the one that least did it?


Thanks a lot, so far i used Paint.


All of them are good to me.


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Added to v.82 :medal_sports: Idea


Added to v.82 :medal_sports: Idea