New Wave Suggestions (Part II)

Actually only two at the moment.

EXHIBIT 1 (Droid Link)

Similar on The Weakest Link, the player needs to destroy a pair of droids to prodceed to the next link as they slowly descend on the screen. Each link moves on a wavy motion, like on Energy Fences. At the lowest difficulty a link compose of 2 supply droid and as the difficuly goes higher each supply droid will be replaced by a security droid.

EXHIBIT 2 (Droid Orbit)

Inspired from Bubble Bath and Bubble Rings but the droid weren’t protected by the bubbles. A part of an orbital can be break upon destroying 2 consecutice supply droids, until it reached the security droid that is on the center. Higher difficulties replace supply droids on the outer orbital by security droids.

  • First orbital: 5 food bubbles, 1 droid
  • Second orbital: 10 food bubbles, 2 droids
  • Third orbital: 16 food bubbles, 2 droids
  • Fourth orbital: 21 food bubbles, 3 droids
Wave movement

EXHIBIT 3 (Chicken Electromagnetism)

It mimics the electromagnetic field with the green group being the electromagnetic flow and the yellow group being the current flow. Wave zoom is estimately at 120% to 150%.

EXHIBIT 4 (Mobius Strip/Mobius Loop)

Based on the mobius strip, where chickens move clockwise while the twist move counterclockwise, and is as fast as Roundabout Approach. The twist behaves in a similar manner as on the wave Double Helix.


  • Mobius Strip: Default variation, the strip compose of 4 rows of chicken.
  • Mobius Loop: Compose of 6 rows of chicken with 150% zoom.

*Waves names are just placeholder. The last two were just concepts.


This is really great.

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What if you give all the enemies of Chicken Invaders? In one wave Chickens, Retro Invaders, Droids and Aliens.

It will lose those uniqueness of a specific mission environment, for example Retro Invaders.

Added to v.52 :medal_sports: Idea


These ideas are awesome! Keep going on that awesome work!

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I’ve updated it with two more waves, although being a concept.


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