New wave suggestion: The Cafeteria

Alt name: emergency meeting, among us, the undercover.

There is an interesting discussion in the cafeteria, probably about that grilled drumstick you cooked 5 minutes ago. Why don’t you join the conversation and ruin it?

Appearance: Four indestructible barrier clusters in four corners, one in the middle representing tables, 4-8 chickens at the middle, if one of them gets killed, another one replaces it (10 extras for each chicken), they could enter anywhere. Four anomaly zones. Zoom out and danger zones are required.

Appears when: >50% difficulty

Restricted enemies: none



Interestingly though, This wave you made was based of henry stickmin and among us

there are chickens among us

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Nice wave. In my opinion it needs a portal in the biddle. 8 chickens are too few.



added it

there is 1 enemy among us

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