New Wave Suggestion Again

WAVE 1 - Pinwheel

This wave has chickens forming a pinwheel, which spins either clockwise or counterclockwise. Anomaly zones are place to the left and right side of the screen facing the pinwheel. Quite similar to the Windmill wave but it has (almost) no barriers, except the one in the center which functions as the pin of the wave.

WAVE 2 - Cross?

An inspiration from the moving blocks in Super Mario World where formation of enemies periodically hides behind a bubble protected barrier/enemy and expand after a short while forming either a cross or a straight line.

WAVE 3 - Drone Conveyor

Yay, a new addition to the conveyor belt waves. This wave has egg drones placed between indestructible barriers. Two column of drones are placed on the left and right side of the screen and anomaly zones are placed on the top and bottom side of the screen with one facing to the left and the other facing to the right. Each column of drones fire periodically, let’s say every 5 seconds (with an example order from the 2nd pic above).

WAVE 4 - Metronome

Windshield wipers wave but each rod are placed on the left and right side of the screen. Enemies are placed on each side of these rods. Anomaly zones are also placed on the edges of the screen facing to the screen’s lateral center.

WAVE 5 - Geocentrism

Formation of enemies are placed at the center of the screen spawned by an interdimensional portal and a star is revolving around it. This star will only make your ship overheat instantly similar to the Dyson Sphere wave.

WAVE 6 - Sharpcutter / Sharpshooter

Wave that works like a pair of scissors when cutting through. The indestructible barriers represent the blade itself with enemies hiding beneath it. You’ll have to wait for the blade to be in the “closed” position to be able to attack the vulnerable enemies.

Pain version of the above wave. Barriers are now replaced with indestructible lv.4 barriers (just don’t mind the sprite used above). The position of the wave is placed a bit higher as well.

WAVE 7 - Egg Tray

Your ship will face downwards on this wave. Afterwards, egg trays will start falling to the left/right side of the screen one by one and alternately. You’ll need weave yourself left/right to avoid being crushed by these egg tray.

WAVE 8 - Chicken Snowflake

Just chickens (and barriers) forming snowflakes, with various shapes and sizes. Sample patterns above.

WAVE 9 - Hide Inside?

This wave compose of elite enemies protected by bubble barrier with chicken passing through them. There’s also an elite enemy at the center surrounded by egg drones. The objective of this wave is to kill the enemy at the center which will make the bubble barriers disappear, thus allows the player to clear the wave completely (without piercing weapons/consumables).

Whenever a chicken pass through a bubble-protected enemy, they’ll slow down.

WAVE 10 - Rotary Dial

This wave imitates the dialing motion of telephones with rotary dial. Each number are assigned with each enemy that is protected by a bubble barrier from 0 to 9. The dial will rotate periodically (also the enemies inside) until a number assigned overlaps the blue circle from the above picture.

Let’s say no. 1 so the dial will rotate clockwise then will stop at the position above.

Bubble barriers will be deactivate at this point, allowing you to kill all the enemies inside the outer barrier.

The dial will return to its original position and the bubble barriers will be activated again. Repeating the pattern, but with a different assigned number. If you managed to kill all the number-assigned enemies, all barriers will vanish allowing you to kill the remaining enemies.

For the number RNG, just shuffle 0-9 then loop, example 5637492810.

WAVE 11 - The Food Web

This wave is quite similar to the Electrifying Descent wave but the fences that connects the enemies are made out of food. Watch out for Security Droid that randomly blends in.


I approved this Idea like a level add in game .

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Seem good to me.

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A legend has finally come back.


How are we supposed to dodge all the lasers fired from both sides :))

They won’t shoot at the same time, so you should have time to dodge or sit between the lasers from both sides.

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yes but its so hard also its enemies arent here

alsoo i didnt suggest it

Perhaps remove the 4 chickens in the middle to make the shape look like a shuriken? A shuriken is more threatning than a pinwheel in my opinion.


yes @Starbrockle hats good and also the name be: Shuriken!


As VN.Rain_An said, it won’t shoot simultaneously. Instead there’s a few seconds delay before the next drone column fire lasers.

Hahi :grin:, but honestly anyone can be a legend as well.

The colors in the pinwheel itself represents the fold made when making one. But the Shuriken works well as a variation, I guess.
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Would you prefer the green alien dudes? Lol

maybe because they have warnings but the egg drones only use sounds i cant know who is going to shoot

Egg drones have visual warnings too, their little antenna things spark blue.

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maybe we cant see any one spark blue

that just sounds like your problem then if you fail to spot the glow, or hear the beep

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anyways its enemies arent here

they could be added and made less subtle to fit in with the CI6 style

they could be replaced

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