New Wave: Spaceship vs Chickens

let’s get into the point because I am tired of making intro

Wave formation: This wave only go to the right (NO LEFT). Two walls of indestructible barriers top & bottom. there will be up to 20 - 25 “wave” depends on the difficulty. Each “Wave” have 1 from 1-5 chickens, the first “wave” always have 1 chicken and the last “wave” have up to 5 and a Gatling/sniper chick. They all either slow or fast (and faster if higher difficulty)

Zone mark required? yes

Appears when: >50% difficulty

Can be mirrored? no! And do not try to mirror it.

Restricted enemies: none


Not a bad idea at all!

Hey! Stop going off-topic. Mishelb is already helping you in your topic.


Wrong place


How would the chickens move? Randomly on the right-half of the screen?

And I don’t understand the reasoning behind your “no-mirroring” restriction. It seems like the wave would work fine both waves.


Firstly: you know, pvz reference, only from left to right

Secondly: people don’t like mirroring too much it kinda rng

And about the moving: well, shoot, I forgot to say that, they move from right to left, like zombies do in pvz.

Sorry for making the reference obscure.

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