New wave: Single Geometry

This wave like Single Digits but instead of number it’s a geometry. In this wave all enemy will spawn like this

  1. Circle

  2. Parallelogram

  3. Rhombus

  4. Square

  5. Triangle

And more geometry…


That rhombus is really a rotated square.

cool i guess, but maybe fill the inside and instead of paralelogram or rhombus do the pentagon and hexagon

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Be careful, it the guy who broke the translation

WHAT? Is was he?

delete contact him now

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For a random reason he still can play the game normally, is that his second account

So you should be careful

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he create a new account

For you if you where doing trouble again, I will tell IA to ban your account (from 20-50 months or years) even worst your account will be DELETE. I warn you @LinhDevilKing :angry:

Sorry everyone I didn’t khow he is a broke translate guy :pensive: I don’t like this

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Please speak English here, most people aren’t Vietnamese


the guy who broke the translation

he know about that


Only 9 people are come from Vietnam is: @LMK.ChraskysussyVN , @anon48763505 , @LamekoSpaceX , @hieudang , @MoonKnight , @Sihok-Adssres , @reishuichi795 , @Tin and @LinhDevilKing (the broke translation)

me come from vietnam too

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me too

I come form Vietnam

I also come from Vietnam

@InterAction_studios this is the guy who broke our entire translation, so far he has been stoned and hated by everyone in my group but then he still chats as if nothing happened. And now he dares to show his damn face to the community, what a shameless person
In short, I only say one sentence: No CIU player in Vietnam wants to see this bastard


ban him

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