New wave: Popcorn! (Suggestion)

Who played CI5? Who tried Popcorn wave?
It’s so fun to play Popcorn wave on CI5 right?
But, what about CIU?
The good idea is: I need to play Popcorn wave. Because it’s too fun!

Screenshot (From CI5):

If you have a screenshot from CIU (Fanarts), show me on Reply.

Who agrees with me? This idea for @InterAction_studios


Would be nice.

It would be good to put it only in hot planets because in CI5 you have that “star”. Just like when you are in hot planets.


I agree with you :100:

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When Popcorn wave will be on CIU?

Peace. There is no promiſe that it will be added at all, and there is abſolutely no reaſon to expect it to be added before the next update.

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