New Wave Idea: The Tunnel

→ Appear from difficulty: From 60%
→ Zoom: 150%


At the begin of the wave, the “tunnel” will appear on the left or the right of the screen, like Yang and Yin or Chequerboard Strut wave,…

The width of the tunnel is wide enough to contain 4 enemies.

Begin of the wave:

Middle of the wave:

End of the wave:

It’s a very long wave, so here is the whole wave map!

Anomally zone will be placed at the intersection of two tunnel segments, here are the examples:

What do you think about this wave?

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  • Good
  • Not so bad
  • Terrifying idea

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So, I’m about to end my post here! Thanks for reading!


thrift shop version of the ci5 planetary chapters


Why does this feel like a planetary mission wave


planetary missions but without a planet



This wave is like a long journey so we can finish it quickly


Not the wave that we want, but the wave that we need.


Sorry to say this mate, I do not mean to say the idea is bad, it is excellent but you forgot 2 Important Points

  1. This Wave won’t be suitable to appear in higher difficulties, it’s because in higher difficulties we face stronger enemies that takes longer to kill, and the tunnel is completely filled with chicken and player doesn’t have strong equipment to kill them all in time. So the player will be killed severally

  2. Making several anamolies (direction changers) is something that will suddenly make him change directions and make fire in the wrong Direction and make him waste time and gets presumely killed by other enemies

Hope you understand and try to edit the wave for easier casualties


Can an anomaly be moved within a wave?
EDIT: Sorry, @Baron, I don’t know why I quoted you.

I have 0 clue what you just said or what your point is regarding this.

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it’s fine.

I mean that there are 7 anomalies in this wave, what if the player suddenly touches one of those anomalies when navigating through the tunnel or trying to kill the chickens inside it? it has 2 choices, either surviving or dying. ( I Said that i am not sure if it will make sense or still stands so eh.)


Don’t think that going back into the proper position using the correct anomaly should be hard if you somehow get into that situation

Well that’s why I say I am not sure the second point still stands or no, but the first one should.

Uhm, so what should we do, decrease the difficulty down to 40%-60%?

All I can say is not to fill the whole tunnel with chickens, just leave some blank spots through it so the player won’t get stuck in the aftermath.


Maybe… Decrease the number of chicken rows from 4 to 3

And I don’t know how to put the anomally zone at the proper place

No keep the number of rows but just remove enough chickens from each of them so the wave become obtainable to survive.

Nah Don’t worry I am sure it won’t be a problem.

This is the only solution of this wave… I don’t know the better one. Can you give some idea?