New Wave Idea: The Ring of Fire

I have an idea for a new wave called “The Ring of Fire.” So how it would work is the “Caught in the Crossfire” Plasma lasers would circle around you in the center of the screen, and then take the fire chickens and make them spin around the outside of Crossfire circle and depending on how hard the mission is would determine how many rings of them there are, at the max there would be one Crossfire ring(Oh and also the crossfire would be the color of the spacecrab lasers.) Anyways then at the max there would be five fire chicken rings spinning in alternate directions.

If you think this is a cool idea then comment your thoughts on it below:)


Only Phoenix Chickens?

Reminds me of the ‘‘Fenced In’’ wave.


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What do you use to make pictures?

Only phoenix chicken because the wave is called The Ring of Fire, like a ring of fire chickens.

Kind of like fenced in

The crossfire would be the color of the spacecrab lasers because they look the most like fire, hence the name, “The Ring of Fire”

Gyazo, Print Screen key, etc. Phone pictures can work, but the quality is questionable.

Then perhaps you should get ready for this:

It is fenced in.

So basically a fiery cosmetic based on lasers from bosses, to apply to plasma lasers?

or maybe these lasers

“Gyazo, Print Screen key, etc. Phone pictures can work, but the quality is questionable.”? Are those on steam?


No. is a program to take screenshots.
Print Screen key is literally on your keyboard and it is called Prnt Scr on most
Phone pictures is literally just snapping a pic with your phone.
However I recommend you use Windows key + Shift + S on your Windows 10 / 11 computer or a similar key combination on the Mac or something. Screenshots are only crucial for reporting bugs and making fake content, and that it is harder to use a screenshot as a background for your wave idea if you are not familiar with them.

You can use or, Microsoft Paint app or literal pen and paper to visualize your wave idea. No one really cares as long as it is legible.

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Ima draw it

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