New Wave Idea and New Boss Idea

On the Blockchain: pairs or quartets of enemies from Technological Advances, in columns by default (could be rows or blobs too)
(Chick UFO and Chicken UFO andor Martian and Fester;
Juggernaut and Armoured-Eggship andor Egg Cannon-Gun and Egg Laser-Gun)

Two UFOs gives twice the time to shoot compared to similar levels like ShootnScoot etc
Four four times
The latter four enemy types additionally double how much time they provide
Difficulty determines the wave
It only appears at difficulty 60+ for UFOs, 80+ for others, 100+ for four UFOs, 120|+ for four others

Boss idea:
A companion to iron chef for droid raids (but could also appear as a normal ‘harder’ boss)
Uses the same theme as Thundercluck, since that theme is underused, or Beaker theme

"Mega Vending Machine"

It’s a literal vending machine that is powered by a huge dyson sphere
(red in hot worlds, golden orange in moderate, blue in cold)
The sphere can sometimes go small and out of screen or grow big and cover the machine
The machine is quite big and does not fit in the screen even with a zoom if used - it is just a VM and moves like a satellite or treasurechest

The sphere growing and shrinking periodically is one passive attack.
Sometimes when medium size and often when big, it fires a crab2.0/apprentice/barn laser circle
When not using the circle, and the sphere is small, the machine launches food and perhaps corn/corn shotgun pieces.

Similar to chef except it’s either just dropped down with little force, or it’s splayed repeatedly at
angles the way other bosses fire faster projectiles like guano. It may have warning lights for the
trajectories of the foods.

This is a flunky boss so it spawns a few terminator chickens but limited to variants of chicks and adult chickens only (which can still include berserkers, miners, and assassins). This happens at 100% at easy, every 50% for medium difficulty up to 33% for hard. None on very easy (difficulty under 20%).

The enemy type possibility is difficulty dependent at 20% intervals; 0 chicks, 20 chickens, 40 pirates, 60 ninjas, 80 miners, 100 berserkers, 120 assassins, 140 toxics. Enemies appearing pauses the dyson sphere and fast-projectile attacks of the machine (as in they vanish/shrink instantly), it will still drop food slowly sometimes until either the enemies are gone or some seconds have passed. Assassins and toxics in particular need more space to fight.

On harder difficulties the VM also can keep its sun attacks or projectile attacks for a while without changing between the two, making it harder to shoot and less relief time between attacks.

Every 10% the VM drops powerup or a gift. At 50% it always drops several powerups and corn shotgun gifts. At 100% it drops a lot of both food and money. If the mission is played at difficulty 90% or higher, it also drops 1-6 satellites (1 at 90, 2 at 100…6 at 140).

Got any pics to show how they would look like in-game?

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No, sorry. The enemy wave is just like Tech Advances but with columns or blobs of enemies.
Vending Machine is just a huge static vending machine and a dyson sphere tossing out food and popcorn shells

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