New Wave: Chicken Tetrominoes

forgive me I can’t scale

Alt Name: The Chicken Blocks, Break the line, 40 line of chicks.

Chicken tetrominoes is a wave where chockens making formations resembling tetrominoes.

Wave: Screen zooms out, two wall of indestructible barriers appear from both sides. Chickens began dropping down, they stops when about to hit the 3rd bottom barrier section, the player has a little space to dodge. They have the ability move to spin around fast. When a line was made, that line will flush down, killing the player. 40 chicken teterominoes in total. If the chickens got a game over, all chickens instantly flush down and the wave ends regardless the amount of tetrominoes left.

Appears When: >50% difficulty

Restricted enemies: none

Elite Variation: Chicktris 99

Chicktris 99: the descending squad falls faster, they also spin faster. 99 chicken tetrominoes in total.

Appears when: >90% difficulty

Restricted Enemies: none


it’s 2 hard man

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Until you master it.


Tetris be like

Reminds me of this wave that I thought before

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