New Wave, Chicken DNA

This wave is kinda self explanitory, chickens come from from any side of the screen (most likely the top or the botton imo) and do a DNA formation. I drew 2 variations of it,

idk how to explain it much more but the chickens twirl around like dna strands or the second version on the right where they are more spread out and chickens are in between the twirling chickens. Like i said they can come from the top, left, right, or the bottom of the screen. This idea has been stuck in my head and i think it would fit the game pretty well.


This wave looks indeed cool, I hope it gets accepted.

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Absolver beam, here I go!


Do the chickens change the direction while they’re moving or not?

yes, arcoording to DNA

Well, one of the polynucleotides must move upwards and vice-versa.

DNA is Deoxyribonucleic Acid. The name is simple to remember - Deoxy, meaning its nucleotide (I.e. its monomer, and again I.e. the thing that composes it) doesn’t contain oxygen, unlike RNA (Ribonucleic Acid), which contains oxygen and has overall different functions than DNA.

Two polynucleotides in DNA connect to each other via hydrogen. This hydrogen connects something called “Nitrogen bases” - usually these connections are portrayed something like those pills with two colors on pictures.

Now I must also mention that in each nucleotide, apart from that nitrogen base and pentose (the two pentoses are ribose and deoxyribose, which is pretty simple), they also have a phosphoric acid connected to the fifth carbon atom in the pentose. This acid, which can be called a phosphoric remain as well, connects with another nucleotide’s OH end (hydroxide end), so you would get something like this:


So in DNA, the first polynucleotide points “downwards” with its OH end, and the second one “upwards” with its OH end. So yes, it should make sense if chickens moved in the opposite directions.

So why did I explain all this? Fun facts and something simple you can learn and do some research about really, it’s not like we learn this in even greater detail at school.


Hey, that’s true

Okay, thanks for pumping a lot of knowledge into my head. So the chickens can move in a different direction rather than from the bottom.


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Added to v.45 :medal_sports: Idea


This is going to be epic…

It’s Double Helix

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