New waterbased weapon


(please excuse me, because i’m shy to open topics here)

I would like to introduce my new Weapon for CIU.

(I don’t really have a name for this waterbased weapon):

(please excuse me for my art, because i’m not so good at drawing)

It’s a waterbased weapon that you can clean shoot chickens with water.
It’s firerate is the same as the Positron Stream, but has weak firepower.

Oh… when this weapon about to overheat, it gets boiling hot
(and the firepower gets a bit stronger):

here are the power levels of my new waterbased weapon:

Sorry to looks like it’s a short-range weapon, but it’s a long-range weapon.

Demonstration for the waterbased weapon:

Hope you like my idea.

Warning: This weapon is not to be designed for cooking, drinking and hygiene purposes.
Always wear special-gloves before mounting and unmounting.


Here is the Gift for the waterbased weapon:
If this colorchoice is similar, please let me know


So the beam gets shorter as it gets stronger?

I support the idea. The hot steamy almost-overheated water is something I would use a lot.

It’s a long-range weapon btw. and as i said i’m not so good at drawing.

Here is the explaination what i meant:

“about to overheat” means it will work the same like Corn Shotgun when overheating

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That’s not gonna work, then. That would allow the weapon to fire indefinitely at full power. Corn Shotgun gets weaker when it’s at max heat, which is why its mechanic is balanced.

Yikes! It doesn’t mean firing indefinitely at full power, it rather gets a bit stronger at max heat
while the Corn Shotgun is the opposite.

does that mean that my weapon idea is bad, because i’m bad at making weapons?

Geysergun! :slight_smile:

yes dude, be variety

It looks like the Hypergun gift.

:grimacing: Ooof… I knew it was similar to the Hypergun…

maybe the gift will get sea colors? (green-blue gift with lime ribbon)

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maybe so?

I was thinking more of something like this :slight_smile:

(I messed up the colors -_-)


nice art for the gift.

but like i said in the third time, i’m not so good at drawing (and lacking my variety skill).

The style in the idea is of little importance. The most important thing is visualization :memo:


And what would you say about the mechanics that the water level from 1 lvl would be minimal (water length) and then it would go up to 10 lvl? When you get close to the chicken, it will take more heat damage and less damage from a distance. (let’s not forget that there is frost in space)

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Here is the Explaintation:

On the left side of this image, this weapon is a long-range weapon, on the right-side of this image, the shorter beams means that is an impact of an enemy or object.

will not affect in the frozen environment btw.

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Thanks for the clarification, but I meant something more like this

Close damage increased/ranged damage decreased

Thats is the form at low heat, the max heat form will look like this: