New waterbased weapon (Remake)

Hi guys,

I’ve decided to remake my waterbased weapon idea, since my previous waterbased idea didn’t worked out as I imagined as I thought.

And I’ve gave a name for the waterbased weapon: Hydroblaster

How it works: It will start off weak, but if you raise the heat meter, it will boil up water which makes strong.

But be careful though, if you overheat this weapon, it will shoot steam that makes no damage
to all enemies.

Overheat time: same as riddler but a little bit slower.

Does Hydroblaster have any strengthness and weakness to the enemies?
It’s weak to the Phoenix Chickens, since they’re firebased enemies.
It’s strong to the Chiller Chickens, since they’re icebased enemies

Does Hydroblaster have any special mechanics?
On hot environments, the damage dealt for Chiller enemies got doubled.
On frozen wasteland environments, the damage dealt for Phoenix chickens got doubled, but less
damage dealt for Chiller enemies.

Hope you like my remake of my idea.

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This looks like a variation of the Boron Railgun, but one thing confuses me more than anything else. How can a water weapon overheat in the first place?


it works similar to kettle when cooking hot water.

water will turn into steam when reaching at 100°C temperature.

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should make it immune to overheating during that one planetary chapter in ci5

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Chiller Chicken can damage shoot steam.

what about any enemy projectile weak slower.

weak from at Phoenix Chickens fireball are very slow projectile while attacks.
strong from at Chiller Chickens snowball are very fast projectile while attacks.

or if you hit Chiller Chickens enraged pretty strong while using Hydroblaster weapon can.

maybe they can Phoenix Chickens fireball remove projectile using Hydroblaster and Chiller Chickens snowball if you hit projectile the enemy gain extra speed using Hydroblaster.

or again some boss Dr.Beaker the Overheat glass can remove on projectile using Hydroblaster.

when 100°C temperature can weapon weak melting from chiller chickens or strong pheonix chickens (same as corn shotgun max overheat while attacks).

For BX users will be an open target for other enemy projectiles, when being hit by an snowball.

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