New varieties of food (+new droid)

I thought it would be interesting if the food were varied in terms of the surroundings and fell out by different chickens.
Food depicted are just altered textures (almost all) and you can collect them all


  1. Ice Food

    you can get them in 2 ways:
  • when you kill chickens in ice missions (all varieties).
  • when you kill “Chiller Chicken” (however, if you kill this chicken during a mission in the sun or a hot planet, you will collect regular food).
  1. Hot food

    You need to add a little “spicy” flavor to the chicken.
    You can only get them in hellish planets.

  2. “Toxic” food

    !Warning! I specially put quotes on toxic because it’s not really toxic.
    It only comes from “Toxic chicken”. If you kill him, some toxic clouds start to come out of the food.

Now shows 2 new things

  1. Box Chickens

    You can get this food by:
  • Killing “Slob Chicken”
  • Killing some Bosses (e.q. The Iron Chef)
  1. New industrial robot

I put it here especially because of the thing they have in common.

Is the largest robot of the three.

The food is kept inside, and more precisely in the oven and stores some food in it.

His attack is to shoot 3 missiles (or 4 on higher difficulty levels) at random directions


The ice/fire/toxic food is very unlikely to exist.
The bucket would be great, because there are only 3 pure chicken foods, and a new space burger corps droid would make the droid raid missions more fun.

I don’t know about the droid attack.

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This looks so unique. this is good enough to be a new droid for droid raids


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