New Update = New Stage of Development

What does it mean?
Sometimes, you can see, when IA write: “Low priority”
I think IA need write some stage of development
For example: Early Access version 27 (Current Stage or Current priority: Finding and Fixing bugs)
Early Access version 28 (Stage: Сreation of something new / Embodiment of the ideas )

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IA doesn’t like to show what they are working on. They only showed few times, mainly CI3 content.
People were already asking for roadmap, a list of things that IA plans, development blogs or anything when I joined in december. I even made collection of ideas that were liked by IA to see what can we expect, but so far we didn’t get much of community suggested content.
Only thing that we know right now about development is

A lot of small bug fixes and improvements in this update (refer to the changelog for details). This update is released slightly ahead of schedule because development will be suspended over the coming week (holidays). Hopefully it has enough improvements to keep you going until the v.28 update.

In preparation for exiting Early Access, changes made from here on out will be primarily focused on beginners. “Noob October” is coming. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The last quote is the worst because “changes focused on beginners” doesn’t sound anything like a new content.


sometimes developers dont like to talk about the things they plan for next update or the next game that they are planning to make. :slightly_smiling_face:


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