New U.C.O. #5 & U.C.O. #6

In this topic have two U.C.O.

  1. U.C.O #5
    Title: Terminator Sighting

Look like U.C.O. #3, but have more Red Laser & Purple Neutrons in the bottom replace with Egg Cannons
Attacks: It use Purple Neutrons & Egg Cannons four times. At the same time it use Red Laser, then relocating to a different point onscreen.

  1. U.C.O. #6
    Title: Attack of the U.C.O.

Visually, it’s like U.C.O. #4 but the Egg Cannons in the bottom replaced with Purple Neutrons.
Attack: First, it shoot Red Laser both side, then use Green Laser & Purple Neutrons three times. After that, Red Lasers are fired directly bottom center the U.C.O… At the end, it shoot Purple Neutrons three times, after that it use Green Laser and then relocating to a different point onscreen.


ehhh doesn’t really make it more unique compared to the others


I think you missed the point of what everyone tried to tell you in the previous UCO topic. This idea is not only very unoriginal, but new UCOs have been suggested countless times already.


Why not?

Not to be that guy but please don’t rp on the forums

Well, they’re really good at it

Enhawk Get The Banana

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[Deltarune Players] TRY TO BE FUNNY CHALLENGE [Impossible!!]


because i’m a degenerate by nature i am surrounded by a forcefield that instantly vaporizes any and all insults you throw at me


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