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I feel like there should be a more advanced tutorial for newer players because there is a lot game mechanics that is not even explained. For example pecking order, i only discovered this after buying “HUD Pecking Order Revealer” from the Galactic Store. Also all the places in the galaxy like “Aftermarket Station”, “Space Burger”, “Heroware”… are rarely known for new players. There are chickens like “Phoenix Chicken” that when i first interacted with i thought fireball kills me, or Alchemist Chicken that throws potion just to slow you down (i know that mechanic can be easily learned but why not just make it more simple and easier). I feel like players dont really need to figure all this on their own and in current (in-mission) tutorial is literally just only showing basic controls of the game which is already logical enough but i undertand every game needs it. “Interface Tutorial” is great as well but it should be extended for all i mentioned above and even more. I feel like it would drastically improve number of players and get more people to play the game.

Uhm, we have this…

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I have mentioned “Interface Tutorial”, i dont think its enough for new players

You mean more detailed tutorial? I think that’s a no need

  • Also they have descriptions aswell

the tutorial tells you how to kill chickens, that’s good enough because when you know the basics you can just play with your instincts. i would not want to read a manual to this game at the very beginning to forget it all anyways

beginners do not need this obscure bonus. no one cares. even if i was taught this from the beginning i would not care and would shoot wherever i like anyways. novice tetris players do not t-spin.

the game teaches you how to orbit planets. you can orbit stores just like planets. there’s a shop button at those places. you just get used to it.

either way it is better if you dodge them, and when you can’t, you just find out. there’s nothing harmful to dodging things that the chickens throw at you.

how easy are you demanding? game yells at you that “hey look its a brand new breed of chicken and here are its attack formations!!” (no one reads that, and it will disrupt the flow of gameplay)? don’t just complain and give us your hypothetical solutions.
in my opinion, letting the players cluck around and find out on their own is better than any type of tutorial, it actually lets you discover new stuff and explore. just giving them free brain cells. it’s like when you complete a puzzle game without walkthroughs or finding a secret bonus chest in a video game by yourself. if you need help just click the help button. it exists.


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