New superweapon: Nuke

Does the same thing a missile does, travels all the way to the middle and explodes, with waaay bigger explosion particles and clucker bomb-like particles. It travels slower and bigger than a missile. If you were too close to the explosion, you die.
When the nuke blows up, it kills all chickens in the wave, and chickens who haven’t spawned in the wave yet, even if it’s a boss fight, it will 1 hit-kill all bosses.
Its price will be 200 keys for 1, can’t carry more than one in a single slot.
This Nuke can destroy many phases of a hard boss (unless it’s iron chef or henlley’s comet, they will get 1 hit-kill)
Gives 2 Mins~ time penalty.


yeah. we are want new weapon

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Similar to my nuke idea.

200 keys to kill a single wave seems rudiculous, tho Ig the 1 item per slot limit is justified. But yeah, definitely not the price tag. 20x more than regular missiles.


imagine using this in multiplayer


U gotta run babe

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plasma ball

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hey that’s the chicken invaders 2 :tm: missile


Inspiration comes from there™

We need the sound of that thing back into ciu. It truly felt powerful, just like the missile itself.




My ears. You got me good this time, Emerald.

that sounds like a direct upgrade to regular missiles or mines, considering it kills any boss with a single hit, I mean it’s reasonable for a nuke but again, killing any boss in 1 hit is op

It’s really not as good as it sounds considering you’re spending 200 keys here for one use.

I was going to me it 50-100~ but I just made it 200 because of how it can 1 hit-kill all bosses on screen.

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