New superweapon idea: Magic Snowflake

Xmas is near so i uhhh… suggest something related to snow, i guess…
With the newest technology, the scientists found a way to make Magic Snow! It helps your weapon fires even it reach the overheat stage… for a very short time though. Fun fact: It actually exist 1984 years ago, but due to the fact it’s very expensive and hard to make so everyone is forgot about it.


  • Make your spaceship still attackable even if it reach 100% heat for 5 seconds
  • Immune to the “hot balls” for the laval chicken (or smth like that idk what is that called) for 7.5 seconds (it can resist many balls not just one)
  • If your weapon reach 100% heat, it will stop firing instand of overheat, the effect last for 10 seconds
    -It also can be stack with damage ampfilier

For the art concept with my poor editing skill :

Other thing i want IA to do if it get added (i hoped)

  • if it use with damage amplifier the aurora around the spaceship will become pink
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something like that already exists


The phoenix

This one is affected for 10 secs

And this one is affected immediately. See the difference?

Also that Magic Snowflake sounds like a hybrid invulnerable shield + coolant + accumulator

I do, that’s why I said

And the item in the game is also better and works immediately
I don’t see this necessary to have a poorer version of the Coolant Canister


I think sometime manual thing works better
Also maybe it will be cheaper than the coolant?

No idea

Of course, when it is weaker than coolant it has to be cheaper

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